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Invisalign is a company that manufactures clear aligners to help your Orthodontist manage a whole range of dental issues. These could be simple alignment of teeth through to complex function and bite issues.

The Process of Making Clear Aligners

The manufacturing of clear aligners is a fascinating process, especially if you’re a techno-freak like me! First the making of clear aligners by Invisalign begins with a 3D scan of the dentition. In total this process is painless, only about 10-minutes long, and also done in the Orthodontist chair. Next, technology stitches thousands of photographs together to create an incredible 3-dimensional image of your teeth and gums. Following this, Invisalign receives this enormous STL file online. This file now means the Orthodontist can then carefully begins planning your orthodontic treatment using some of the most advanced medical planning software you can imagine. 

Once your Orthodontist is happy that they have planned your case properly, Invisalign sets about manufacturing all the aligners needed for your case, from start to finish. In fact, manufacturers make them through a process called stereolithography, which actually needs mind-boggling accuracy and precision. Lastly, the aligners arrive at the Orthodontic practice within a matter of days and are finally ready for the patient. 

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