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As your child’s baby teeth start to fall out it can appear as though there will never be enough room for all those adult teeth. In many children further growth of the jaw bones can compensate for this and the child will ‘grow into’ their adult teeth. However, in a lot of cases the final teeth positions are not ideal from a functional or cosmetic perspective. At this point, the need for braces may be considered.

Whether a child will benefit from braces depends on the size and shapes of the teeth, the size and position of the jaws and many other factors. Most often, the goal of orthodontic treatment is functional (to improve the bite), cosmetic (to improve the smile), or both. Having a dentist regularly check your child’s teeth and jaw development will allow you to understand if, or when, orthodontic treatment will be required. And remember, you’re never too old for braces, but the sooner the better.

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