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Size matters, when it comes to canines! 

Canines are the longest rooted tooth in your mouth, and can be up to 5cm in length.  But that is nothing compared to the walrus. Their canines can be up to 1m long, and each weigh over 5kg!

Your adult canines normally come through at 12-13 years. They upper canines start their development way up by the side of the nose, and when the root is about half its final size, they begin their long journey down through the jaw bone and into the mouth.  This journey can be up to 5cm, so it’s no surprise that they can sometimes get a bit lost on the way!

This video shows a fairly normal eruption sequence – watch as the upper canines move from near the aperture of the nose, and follow the roots of the incisors down into the mouth.

There are lots of reasons why canines can head off track – it may be due to lack of space, or it might be a genetically inherited problem from your parents.  Whatever the cause, it can be a difficult problem to fix.

A visit to a Specialist Orthodontist at the age of 9 years can often prevent this problem from occurring.  At this early stage an X-ray can be taken which can show if the problem is likely to occur, allowing us to take simple measures to prevent the teeth heading in the wrong direction.

In short, canines can be big trouble!  However, a visit to your friendly local Specialist Orthodontist by 9 years old could save you a lot of heart-ache. And not to mention wallet-ache!

So, make an appointment today, and we’ll even throw in a sports mouthguard for your child, FREE OF CHARGE!