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Dear Dr Bobby, I’m 32 and didn’t have my teeth straightened when I was younger. How much would it cost me to get my smile fixed now? It’s a common myth that adults can’t have braces. This is simply not true!

If you have your own teeth then you can have braces, or indeed Invisalign. In fact, the oldest person who I have ever treated with braces was 86 years old, and she was delighted with her result!

25% of the people I treat at Sunbird Orthodontics are adults, who either missed out on treatment as a child, or had treatment as a child but didn’t wear their retainers.

Simple cosmetic changes can cost as little as a few thousand dollars and take only a few months of treatment to get the smile of your dreams. However, it is essential that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, and only a Specialist Orthodontist can provide this.

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