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At Sunbird Orthodontics, I see hundreds of kids every year for braces and aligners. Every kid tells me of their personal experience with braces, including if they hurt!

Overall, one myth that I can bust immediately is that ‘it hurts to put braces on.’ In fact, this is a painless procedure and it requires no anaesthetic at all. Sometimes, four to six hours after we place the braces, some people experience mild pain. However, Panadol can easily control this. 

Normally we adjust/tighten braces every eight weeks. These adjustments are usually minor, and cause very little to no discomfort at all. Taking braces off is usually completely painless. Plus, most kids are simply delighted to get their braces off and see their beautiful new smile! When a Specialist Orthodontist does the treatment, you can be confident that they will do it as quickly and as painlessly as possible. 

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