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Watch Now: How Your Child Can Have Perfect Adult Teeth

5 Steps to Great Adult Teeth

  1. Sugar causes decay.  Teeth can cope with 2-3 sugary snacks per day. Any more than that, then you are inviting tooth decay. Tooth decay in baby teeth is the biggest predictor for tooth decay in adult teeth.
  2. Plaque causes gum disease.  This is the white sticky stuff that builds up around the gum line and causes red gums. Regular brushing and flossing drastically reduces your risk of gum disease – a major cause of tooth loss in adults.
  3. Acid causes tooth erosion. We recommend you limit the main culprit – soft drinks and “sports” drinks. Acid pulls the minerals out of the enamel, weakening teeth, making them prone to erosion and accelerated wear.
  4. Accidents happen.  In kids, the most common reason for dental trauma is excessively prominent front teeth. We can help by making a mouthguard for sports, or correcting excessively prominent teeth at a young age, if necessary.
  5. A visit to a Specialist Orthodontist at 9 years old will set your child up for a life time of great adult teeth.