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Watch Now: Steps to caring for your braces

Prior to wearing braces, both your dentist and your Orthodontist will be very strict to ensure that your child has excellent oral hygiene to look after their braces.  And when braces are placed, your child will be shown in great detail how to care for their braces.

Poor dental hygiene before braces is a major predictor that your child will struggle to keep their braces clean. Prior to wearing braces your child will be shown how to care for their braces.

The most obvious sign your child is struggling with dental hygiene is red, bleeding gums. The gums may also appear swollen and even grow over the top of the braces.  Broken brackets are also a sign that they are neglecting their braces.

The best thing for parents to do is to try and keep your child motivated, and focus on the end result.  Orthodontic treatment leads to the best possible smile, which will give them a lifetime of healthy teeth and beautiful confidence.