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Watch Now: Top Tips for Soothing a Teething Baby

Teething is the term given to the time when a baby’s first teeth start to come through. This often coincides with onset of symptoms such as pain and discomfort from baby’s mouth, and general unease.

Generally speaking, the simple remedies such as teething rings, cool face cloths and cool water work best. They provide quick relief to sore gum pads.

Medicinal remedies such as topical anaesthetics should only be used under the recommendation of a dental or medical professional. They are generally not recommended in young babies.
Painkillers should also be used with caution. Any preparation containing aspirin should be avoided in children. Typically, parents will use paracetamol-containing medicines when their are symptoms of high temperature – something usually unrelated, and more likely to be co-incidental.

Although amber necklaces look cute on babies, there is actually no real evidence to suggest they have any effect on these symptoms, and they may even represent a choking hazard.