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Watch Now: What Age Should My Child be Losing Teeth?

We’ve all heard of babies being born with teeth – a mum’s worst nightmare if you are hoping to breast feed bub. You may also have heard of kids that didn’t get any teeth until they were toddlers. But what age should your child be losing their teeth?

But, typically, parents can expect the following:

  • 6 months First tooth appears
  • 5 years All 20 baby teeth are through – 10 at the top, 10 at the bottom
  • 5 years First baby tooth falls out – usually a lower front tooth
  • 9 years All adult teeth are visible on an Xray
  • 12-13 years All baby teeth have fallen out, and all adult teeth through except wisdom teeth
  • 16-25 years Wisdom teeth come through

Of course, these figures are averages and there can be large variations between children.

If you are ever concerned about your child’s teeth be sure to see a dental health professional to put your mind at ease.